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To Decorate Or Not To Decorate

After Thanksgiving thoughts of Christmas, creating my annual Holiday photo collage and holiday shopping seep into my everyday thinking! Questions flood my brain:

  1. Should I get my traditional Rosemary  live 2 foot plant/tree at Armstrongs?

  2. Where did I store the tree decorations?

  3. Do I really need the outdoor lights?

  4. What folder did I put my Christmas card list?

  5. Is Christmas mostly for kids or do adults have to celebrate this holiday as well?

  6. What will I do during the "Entertainment Dead" 2 weeks between Christmas & the New Year?

  7. Will my son & girlfriend host Christmas dinner, now that my brother and his wife moved to the Carolinas?

  8. Why do I have my annual medical check up in December ?

Dear new readers....Can you relate...or is Momfoo the only one thinking like this?

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