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Redfoo and Momfoo are excited to release their first children’s book! Written by the mother-son team, they invite you to join their adventure to Dogalina Island where animals are in charge and a catchy song leads their way around the island.

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Lil' Redfoo explains to the reader the dream he had the night before his birthday. A dream filled with adventure and surprises on an island where only animals were in charge. Dream telling and seeing through his white frames, images can get quite ridiculous on Dogalina Island. Of course, he has his mother, Momfoo in the dream and she helps with entertaining the puppy they met. Sadly the puppy has no name and nohome. Lil' Redfoo, the puppy and Momfoo drive to Dogalina Summit where they play the puppy's favorite song "Let's Get Ridiculous" while Momfoo sets up her camera to record the dancing fun. A QR code on the page leads to Redfoo's hit song and video on YouTube. Hearing the actual song from the video inspires the reader to react and get more involved.

This highly rated book sold on Amazon, is written in a fun lyrical rhyme and richly illustrated on thick glossy paper making this a keepsake book for all ages.

The book reflects the principles of the authors: rescuing animals, plant based food, solar power, dreams coming true, kindness and having fun through music & dance and being "Ridiculous!"


"Can’t explain how much my Grandkids love this book!! The bright colors really grab their attention! My granddaughter is usually done with story time after one book, but she keeps bringing it back to me! The illustration's are beautiful making the characters feel very real! The story keeps their attention! I highly recommend!"

Melisa Pitstick - Verified Buyer

"Our whole family loves this book so much that it’s one of our top bedtime stories every night! Not only is it a ridiculously awesome adventure story for this mother son duo, it will help teach your kids to dream big and one day they may come true! The possibilities are endless! Everyday I see my dream!"

Michael H. - Verisifed buyer

"I recently read Lil Redfoo's Ridiculous Adventures. It is such a beautifully illustrated and colorful book, so sweet to be co-authored by mom and son.

I felt like a kid again while reading it. And I love the message “wish whatever you want, it may come true in the end." Well done and congratulations to both of you!"

Carolyn Kalil - Verified Buyer

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