Preservation: Your Self or Your Photo Albums? #8

Well, maybe it’s not an either or question, it’s probably both but these day I struggle with even a simple lifetime decision!   Do I wear the collagen patches at night on my winkled neck or order another 3T (terabytes) outer drive to store my video and photo history?

(1952 Nancy showing off her homemade dress by Grandma Leiviska. Palatine Farm, Illinois)

35 years ago when I had to finally move my over-whelming collection of photos and video into a storage facility in the Marina, I had a stack of boxes of loose photographs & negatives marked, “To Be Sorted at 70 years old”!


I guess my 35 year old self thought I would have nothing to do at 70 but to sit back in my rocking chair and sort through photos! I even had shelves built and someone log all my 2,000 video tapes into a computer based system that doesn’t even exist anymore!!!

1972 Nancy at UCLA  track 

2 years ago, when I spearheaded my son’s transferring of his 10 storage places into one massive 5,000 square foot warehouse, we relocated my library as well.  Today an entire 400 sq.ft room is filled and shelved with both mine and my son’s photos & videos. Now comes the daunting job of digitizing all the photos and videos (in various formats) and put them onto a neat little hard drive!!! 

Friends recommend that I just have an outside company transfer them but you still have to take the time to go through & select which tapes or albums warrant a lifetime of preservation!

50th High School Reunion  Gina Longhenry, Candy Homan, Cindy Wood and Gail Faris….2016

I have purchased & set up the scanning system for both photos and video, hired energetic, young enthusiasts to do the scanning, but it gets all bogged down because I personally have to go through the nicely prepared albums and hand them the photos to scan!  During the process, more time is spent pontificating comments & memories about the photos than they actual deed of sorting & selecting.

 Diana Ross & Redfoo in New York

I’m desperately searching for a system and/or philosophy to sort & toss but even once they are scanned, I have a hard time tossing the original 4X6 color Kodak paper printed photos !!!!

So dear friends and readers, please comment and give me your rule or philosophy on how you sort and save your precious photos & videos…..I need help!!!!   Thank you so much…..

The “Never Can Say Goodbye” photo gal Nancy (Momfoo)


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