The term downtime is used to refer to periods when a system is unavailable  Reliabilityavailability, recovery, and unavailability are related concepts. Another meaning of downtime:

  1. A period of relaxation or decreased activity. I’m glad to finally have some downtime after such a busy week.
  2. A period of time when a machine or system is not functioning.
  3. The computer system is experiencing some routine downtime this weekend.

I guess the tech world first used the word “downtime” and maybe even parents & child rearing experts coined the word “ timeout” who probably borrowed it from the sports world after committing a foul.

Appreciating my walk

Whatever it’s origins…..I think I experienced a month of casual “downtime”.   After over-seeing the clearing out of merchandise in my son’s 5,000 square foot warehouse with in 6 weeks time…I needed some downtime and photo time to get back some appreciation of the simple things of life…

 I mean I didn’t “veg out” completely of all my responsibilities and availability because I still have an “Ice Cube” administrative job and a publishing career with Redfoo’s publishing but I took more time for myself. You know, booking more future Viking cruises, setting up on-line banking, teeth cleaning, exercising more and a few carefree weekend Netflix binges, meetings with my financial manager, the stuff people do when they are retired!  

My son’s tennis court

Well, I’m not retiring any time soon, just vacationing more and not rushing frantically around doing “everything” on my daily list !  Sometimes it take 3 days to accomplish my daily list of to do’s!

I accomplish “stages” now of a certain task. You know, like eliminating the trash & recyclables in your kitchen area, one can do it in stages….I do a lot of leisurely pre-production and then rush with excitement to finish the project and get on to the next project..

 Blue Jay on my backyard walk

I’m back to relocating my scanning stations into my home…One desk area with the scanner for photos and next to it a small monitor and video machine to transfer the video tapes to digital format. I’m giving myself along with a few P.A’s about 3 years to finish the task.

Right now I have to think about packing for my trip on Monday. I fly off to Croatia, Hungary & Portugal to film my son’s Festival Concerts. Can’t wait to break my downtime and now have fun-time!

Enjoy your 4th of July !!!!    xxxMomfoo

My son’s strawberry patch in his new garden!!!




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