Time for a Spa “Bliss” Treatment in La La Land…

With tax receipt sorting deadlines, scanning my life photos & videos to a digital format, and getting ready Super Bowl travel for my client’s son, I need some personal attention!

My skin is dry from the extra heat in my bungalow, my bones ache from walks in the woods or not enough walks, so it’s time for Emerald City.   Emerald City is the term my friend Robin Brazy and I code to each other when in company.  It means either, manicure/pedicure time, hair grooming or local massage, just like Dorothy and her cohorts did before they met the Wizard!  Our Emerald City is Olympic Spa in Korea Town, and what a find! I guess I’ve been going for at least 30 years and have witnessed the evolution from a small time Asian day retreat, to a multi-cultural, all ages clientele sprinkled with a top model & actress presence.

Pure Bliss is an hour & ½ treatment performed in an open shared no-nonsense atmosphere.  No guitar- flute-waterfall music, no incense just the Korean ladies, outfitted in flip flops and their black bra & panties, who scrub, scrap, slap and throw buckets of warm water to wash away the crepe skin and toxins.   I LOVE IT !!! Description is below and may I recommend all of us in our Final Chapter living to continue these great treatments or start as soon as you can!

If you have a favorite “Emerald City” experience you would like to share, please do….


PURE BLISS Description
This spa experience begins with our famous Akasuri Body Scrub. After a citrus jojoba bead body polish, a full session Korean rapid lymphatic massage with our own aromatherapy oil blend relieves tired bodies instantly. Now enjoy a stimulating essential oil scalp massage followed by a botanical facial massage and vitamin c mask. Your hair is washed and conditioned. This treatment has been written up in Allure, LA Magazine.


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    Cindy January 28, 2019

    That’s a lot to get done in an hour and a half! It sounds like a fabulous way to recoup your energy!

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      Nancy Leiviska January 28, 2019

      Thanks Cindy ……for the comment ….It is alot and you just keep saying to yourself….”Wait….There’s more”?
      You must get massages….especially after giving a good Reike session! Scanned our 20 High School Reunion the other day…..I’ll send jpeg’s before Spring if you’d like……Let me know or maybe you have enough PTHS photos….I take them out of these
      photo albums, scan them but still can’t throw away the photos!!! I think one has to be in the “mood”…..

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    Tucker Hering January 28, 2019

    Love this place. You can hang out for hours. The Himalayan Pink Salt Sauna, the Jade floor steam sauna, The warm mineral pools, the MugWort hot pool. Just being there is a blessing – having a massage or ANY treatment is just icing on the cake.

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      Nancy Leiviska January 28, 2019

      You got it Tuck……I forgot you went there as well when you lived in LA…..I bet alot dancers go there as well…..! Thanks for reading my blog and responding…..xxxxNancy

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    Sandy D January 28, 2019

    I love “The Goddess Treatment “ same place. For those the need of privacy they offer private room massages as well as a luncheon cafe to meet up after.

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      Nancy Leiviska January 28, 2019

      Sandy D…..Oh good to know….So you can have a “Pure Bliss” treatment in those side rooms? Do they throw water on you? Is it more like Burke Williams behind those doors?

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    Candace Mayeron January 28, 2019

    Looks wonderful and reasonably priced!

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    Candace Conkwright January 28, 2019

    Wow sounds heavenly‼️ Whenever I do anything like that, it is amazing how DRAINED I feel, from all the tension ….never realize how much I build up , till I end up feeling like a “wet noodle” when I am done 😂‼️ Cindy’s treatment felt really good…love the music…the scents , the massage….never want to get off the table‼️‼️. Enjoy your special time❣

    • Reply
      Nancy Leiviska January 28, 2019

      Candace….Incredible that you got to experience one of Cindy Wanek’s Reike Treatments. Maybe someday, I will get a chance !!!

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    Sharona White January 28, 2019
  7. Reply
    Sandy Leiviska January 28, 2019

    When I think of heavenly massage I think of
    Zuantenago Mexico (sp?)on the beach ocean breezes
    but after reading all the glorious experiences at Olympic I would be open to pure bliss and try again

    • Reply
      Nancy Leiviska January 28, 2019

      Yes….one of the best massages in Zihuatanejo (correct sp) ! Sandy, as I remember correctly I did bring you to the
      Olympic Spa for the Pure Bliss treatment and you said it was a little to rough for you!!! And one has to get use to
      the nakedness of it all….There’s no big fluffy terry cloth robes!!!!

  8. Reply
    Sharona White January 28, 2019

    Love your new blog, Nancy!!!

    • Reply
      Momfoo January 28, 2019

      Thanks Sharona….hopefully it will discipline me to write….and help finish my Children’s Book (see Let’s Get Ridiculous look a book)
      and my life book…”Motown’s Blonde Ambition” (The California Years 1971 to 1986)

    • Reply
      Sandy Leiviska January 29, 2019

      I do love big fluffy terry cloth robes

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    Robin Brazy January 28, 2019

    Wow it looks like you have several responses!!
    Bliss treatment was great and I think they have added a few more.. amenities.. I love having my own “hand scrubbers “ to continue my skin regime and the combination of scrubbing and oils have made a change in my body this week!!
    Thank you so much this was truly a treat!!

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