“”Tidying up” before the RAMS Super Bowl Win !!!

A couple of things are influencing me this week: Marie Kondo’s Netflix Series, “Tidying Up” and the Super Bowl Game this Sunday between the LA Rams and the New England Patriots.  (February 3rd, 2019)



One subject is way out of my circle of influence and the other is staring me in the face as I look at my file cabinet that is filed with papers I need to eliminate.  As the little 4 ft 9 inch Marie Kondo proclaims, “if it doesn’t spark joy, toss it!! Not sure that applies to business contracts but my closet awaits my attention as well and that needs a refresh!!Truthfully, I can’t wait to fold my tops into tight thirds that can be stood up and arranged vertically!

I did a little research and there is some sharp contrasts between the Rams & Patriots…

  1. Ram’s Quarterback Jared Goff  24 years old. Tom Brady is 41 years old.  “The 17-year age difference is almost surely the largest of any Super Bowl in history. After all, there’s only been one 40-plus-year-old quarterback to start a Super Bowl. It was Brady, last year.Rams quarterback Jared Goff, left, and New England’s Tom Brady.
  2. Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick is 66 years old. Ram’s coach Sean McVay is 33 years old. The 33-year age gap between coaches is a Super Bowl record.

Bill Belichick

3.Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft’s influence in the football world has grown steadily since he purchased the Patriots, to the point that the 77-year-old American is now widely considered one of the NFL’s most powerful and influential owners.

Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, does not have a great reputation or a great fashion hair piece that he wears on his head, BUT he did bring the Rams to LA and he is building a great stadium in Culver City !

Stan Kroenke

So after Motown’s Glady’s Knight sings the National Anthem and the games begins, I will look forward to half time with Maroon 5  although nothing can surpass Madonna & LMFAO’s half time in 2012!

I’ll miss my old tribe gathering (2013) at The Leiviska’s but look forward to a different gathering with Jeff Holloway & son with girlfriend Jasmine at the Malibu Racquet Club! No cooking, no hassle just pure spectator bliss at it’s best !!!!

My score predication:Rams 37 Patriots 31 !!!!!!!

What’s your predicted score ??????

xxx Nancy Momfoo






  1. Reply
    Nancy Leiviska February 2, 2019

    Wow Jerry…..pretty funny….So what channel are you watch this game on? (hee her)

  2. Reply
    John Hudetz February 2, 2019

    I think Brady and Bellechick will figure out the Rams and win 31-24

  3. Reply
    Tucker Hering February 2, 2019

    I just would like the Rams to win! WHY? Just because 🙂

  4. Reply
    Nancy February 2, 2019

    Thanks Tuckie & John who now lives in New Mexico!!

    Good to know who you’re cheering for!!!

    Let’s hope no one gets hurt!!!

  5. Reply
    Candy Conkwright February 2, 2019

    Having the “Rams” here in St.Louis, turned out to be a bust….new and much improved Rams in CA, is a different story‼️ Must be the weather,,,,,whatever‼️ I am not real savoy when it comes to football, but , I would like to see the Rams knock the Patriots off their pedestal ….I have no idea ,or decent guess as to what the score might be , just so the Rams come out on top‼️ We are having a dear friend over, and Court is making his White Bean & Ham soup, with a pan of cornbread. It is really a good cold weather meal….that would apply to LAST week,when the temps were below ZERO‼️….now today it is in the 60’s‼️🙄CRAZY‼️‼️

  6. Reply
    Furmaster February 4, 2019

    One thing for sure Momfoo,my junk draws and closet now have extra space awaiting more collectables and cloths all due to that most boring game and mediocre half time!! …… watching a Dog Pee on my Grooming Table is more exciting than that SB Game which was nothing short of nap time because I had organizing to due before the Sun comes back out.
    My score prediction….HMmmm….lots of great defensive WALLS on both sides to Penetrate so it will be a low scoring game…lets go Patriots Lucky 13 and Rams 3!!!
    Sure glad we didn’t have to endure this SB at The Club and also miss Sandy and Ken’s Hospitality,but Ken is still going to send CHILE!!!

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