Tick Tock Tick.. How Time Slips Away: My Son’s 44th Birthday!

Every year for my son’s birthday, I do my best to create & produce a meaningful video that spotlights a part of his life.This video centers around his love for basketball, The LA Lakers 1988 repeat championship season and the song he wrote at 12 years old and co-produced with his friend Kelly O’Connell, (where are you?) Henry Merritt (RIP) and recorded by big brother the energetic & thriving Kerry Gordy.

As I gathered and searched photos and old videos in my archives, I employed the help of Conor Mahoney to make the digital scans and Tony Best to structure the edit. It took many hours of search, find, scan & edit and then I saw on the internet a fabulous time-lapse slideshow of Marilyn Monroe and I knew I had to produce one for my son!  I contacted the company, www.slideshow-metamorphosis.com and then corresponded with graphic artist Ida Engel from Israel. For the next month I gathered, she photo-shopped and I provided Stefan’s instrumental of “Meet Her at Tomorrow” track and together we came up with the sequence. I drop-boxed her 50 photos and we used 29 photos but typically 20 photos is what she uses with a music bed of royalty free music.1 minute slideshow 1975-2019

Lakers Rap 1988 RT: 5 minutes

September 3rd Celebration 2019

For the first time in years, my son wanted a low-key at home celebration with just his Dad & I, and girlfriend Jasmine. On Tuesday September 3rd we met at his lovely Tennis Ranch in Malibu and spent hours in his garden, another hour looking at past and present videos, The US Open and enjoying a lovely eggplant Vegan lunch that Jasmine prepared. We had the most delightful, heart-felt time with our son and Berry & I laughed how ironic the name we called our “baby in waiting” had indeed turned-out to be the earthy, garden growing man that we predicated. As we watched him till the soil, unearth the potatoes he planted and cut down the greens for our salad, we marveled at the pre-baby name that we once called him…that cute non-gender name….SHOVELS…..

Special thanks to Mario Escabar, who accompanied  Berry (Dadfoo) Gordy and not only took these lovely group photos including our gran-dogs, Whiskey, Shylee & Spice but was very helpful in garden planting & harvesting tips !!


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    Nancy Leiviska September 12, 2019

    OK….testing 1,2,3….if Comment section works……Momfoo is your next blog going to be about your travels to Detroit next week with Dave Davis,
    Sandy Leiviska, Stefan Gordy & Jasmine Alkouri? I know you are excited to go and visit the Hitsville Museum and honor Berry Gordy at the Tribute dinner
    on September 22,2019 and catch up with the Motown Alumni’s….Look forward to that BLOG as well !!!

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    Jasmine September 12, 2019

    Can’t wait to visit hitsville!

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    Candy Conkwright September 12, 2019

    The slide show was AMAZING‼️ Very well done 👍🏻‼️ Loved reading your blog, and getting some “details” of all the years growing up with 2 great parents.‼️ He seems like a real ” down to EARTH” kinda guy…LITERALLY😳‼️ I can see why you and DadFoo are so proud of him….keep on blogging , good stuff❣

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    Nancy Leiviska September 13, 2019

    Candy….my sister in motherhood! and one day in Grandma-hood !!! Thanks for reading my blog and always liking my instagrams….Maybe it’s because we were
    raised in the same water shed area in Palatine and have the same midwest sensibilities of respect for hard work, understanding the solid qualities of responsibility, integrity, truth and good taste! Yes, I’m probably needy in the area of approval, (no fatherly love & an underwhelmed mother) often does make the offspring over-achieve
    and seek feedback (good or bad).
    I made a major effort to keep my son’s father, aware & involved despite our separation when Stefan was 2 years old.
    All decisions on Stefan’s future were made together and Stefan spent all his summers with his dad. Yep we raised a “good guy” who is independent and made his own way and identity…No entitlement issues here!!!
    Candy….We’re proud that he turned out to be a good, concerned and a tolerant human being…..,,,just as you are of your fabulous children!!! Keep the comments coming…..
    xxx your high school buddy Nancy (Momfoo)

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    Intrepid Singer September 13, 2019

    Hey Nancy,

    Loved it! The metamorphosis, Lakers rap and video all rocked and were a beautiful gift. Am so glad he enjoyed it because I know how much you worked on it to make it “that good.”

    Thanks for including me in this blog.

    Big SoK hugzzzz,


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    Jill Jones September 13, 2019

    Hi Nancy (Neighbor),

    First and foremost, “Happy Birthday” to Stefan!

    I love the slideshow–great photos!
    The video, “L A K E R S Champions of the West” is amazing! Stefan had such talent at such a young age and is still going strong!!

    It has been really wonderful having you as my downstairs neighbor for the past 15 years that I have lived here! It’s probably worked so well as neighbors, as I too, was mid-western born (Minnesota), and we share that common bond of hard work and what it takes to raise responsible sons.

    You’re a great Mom and Stefan was blessed with amazing parents that cared about him. Stefan is an outstanding man!

    Great job, Nancy and to All that put together the slideshow and the video! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed both!!!

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    Rhonda Presley-Holland September 15, 2019

    What an AMAZING creation and such a gift from the heart! Ida Engel’s talents are immeasurable! Watching the metamorphosis truly showed me the joy he exudes as almost every photo in the 50 has a smile that could melt the sun. Proof of his loving upbringing by two amazing parents. Definitely LOVE-LOVE to Game Point!

    The Lakers video did not disappoint either. I can see that Stefan’s talents at such a young age paved the path of his outstanding current success. What a beautiful journey it must be to watch your son come into his own through the years. I think that the way you, Berry, Mario, Stefan and Jasmine spent his birthday is WONDERFUL! In this day and age, we can get so caught up in the trappings of this world in our day to day life, that we forget to stop and smell the eggplant 😉 and with the risk of sounding cheesy, quality time like that just “plants the seeds” of memories that will stand out in your hearts for a lifetime. Nancy, you are such a lovely and classy lady. What a blessed and lucky life you are having. Who would have thought a little farm girl from Palatine would effloresce into the smart, courageous and talented woman and mother you are today. Such a beautiful story, such a beautiful family. I feel blessed to have read this blog today and look forward to future postings.

    P.s. Kudos to Conor Mahoney and Tony Best for all of their hard work and professionalism, to make this amazing birthday gift come to life!

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    Nancy Leiviska September 16, 2019

    Thanks Jill, JMS & Rhonda for the lovely comments. The feedback is good for me and encourages me to continue writing and creating in between
    my obligations to my entertainment clients. At times I write and post and I wonder if my words & creations “fall on deaf ears”.
    The posted comments prove they don’t and you appreciate my archival efforts. Thanks for taking the time and posting.
    Question: Do you get a notice in your email that I made a comment back to you?
    Sincerely…..xxxNancy (Momfoo)

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