Nancy’s Yearly Holiday Card 2019

Dear friends and family….I’m not preaching only repeating what I read and see around me… The good news for us (and the planet), is that the vegan/veg diet is no longer deemed a hippie, alt-left trend. It’s fast becoming mainstream, and its popularity intersects gender, age, culture, race, political camps, and economic differences. What better way to bring us together—all of us—than through our shared interest in the veg lifestyle, one that guarantees overall health for ourselves, for our children, for the animals we share this planet with, and for the planet itself.

May peace, love and good health be plenty in our 2 thousand & twenty !!!  xxxNancy (Momfoo)


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    Rhondu December 22, 2019

    So happy for that August 16th day! And I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to work on the children’s book and the great anticipation of it’s release! ECSTATIC about our new year’s trip! Love the collage! Merry Christmas Mom Foo! ❤️

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    Sunil December 23, 2019

    Very nice!!

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    Helga December 23, 2019

    Nancy: That’s a real nice collage, so many memories.
    Warm wishes for a vegan healthy, happy and successful 2020.

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    Candace Conkwright January 2, 2020

    Loved your collage, so many pics of great times and good memories‼️ I enjoyed your organization of all the great events that occurred through the year. It must have been quite a trip , down “Memory Lane” as you choose all those pics and wrote down all the things you experienced last year😳‼️ You are a blessed lady, and may you have a wonderful 2020 , with many more memorable moments❣️

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