How Traveling Is Like Sex, According To Gloria Steinem

It’s right up there with life-threatening emergencies and truly mutual sex as a way of being fully alive in the present,” Gloria Steinem writes.

In the above “SuperSoul Sunday” clip, Oprah Winfrey asks her to elaborate further. “I said, ‘Gloria is comparing the joy of travel to the joy of sex?’ You really have found the secret,” she tells Steinem. “My goodness, Traveling is like sex? Really?”

“Not all the time,” Steinem laughs. “Like, sex is not that way all the time. But it is about spontaneity. And it takes you out of yourself.” You find yourself in a completely different world!”.

Well, I did remember that provocative quote watching Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday while  planning my first Scandinavian Viking Cruise. I then had a short lived epiphany:  that as I’ve gotten older my physical sexual desire has waned while my thirst for travel has increased!   Had my diminished libido gone completely to my creative head as I paged through all my beaconing travel brochures? Was the new sexy…. travel?

Well, see for yourself as I just got finished creating 2 slide shows, capturing most of Jeff Holloway (a long time friend from Tomah, Wisconsin) and my 10 city Scandinavian Viking Cruise. Other than Jeff catching a flight virus and missing a few tours, we had a great time learning about the different countries and cities, the man made short cuts and canal-lock construction’s to the interesting people on the cruise.

Brand New Viking April 2019   Music by Redfoo    48 photos

The bike tour in Hamburg, Germany where The Beatles first performed was interesting until the light snow blizzard started. Colder weather than expected but we weren’t on a sun and tan cruise…we went as Viking-Germanic descendants looking to explore our homeland traditions & food of the Swedes, Danes, Germans and Norwegians.

Please note after Frederica, Denmark we picked up a couple of cute sailor ducks and had fun incorporating them in our photos (when we remembered) Also great to have met up for a danish & coffee in the Copenhagen Port with Stefan’s host Swedish parents, Sven & Britta Sahlin and Lisa Tatjana Frimanslund & son Leo in Oslo, Norway where she gave us a fabulous land tour.

Come Sail Away   by Styx  April 2019   88 photos

FYI: I loved the new Viking Sky Ship because it had less than 600 passengers, no young kids, first class-attentive service, heated bathroom floors in your veranda staterooms, complimentary & steady wifi, fine gourmet cuisine with 24 hour room service, incredible spa with a Finnish sauna snow room and in the general bathrooms, piped in sounds of seagulls calling and birds chirping!!!   Amazing…..Oh… and they catered to my special Vegan-vegetarian meals!

Check it out:

At my age, small ships are better, might change once the grandkids arrive, and I’m starting to plan my next cruise for next year! Gotta keep my “sexy” going on!


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