Redfoo: Let’s Get Ridiculous

There was once a fun island named Ridiculous where children and adults alike were free to wear bright colors, wild hair and ride fun cars and bikes. Even the people of Ridiculous dressed and decorated their pets and homes with colorful patterns.

Often you would find on the Island of Ridiculous, people playing tennis in the snow, skiing in the sand and food stores shaped like banana’s and vegetables. Animals & humans happily co-existed and a plant based diet was warmly accepted by all.

The island was watched over by a friendly outrageous Mayor, Redfoo and his musical crew of advisors. Redfoo’s wife, LadyFoo was not only the most beautiful citizen but the most compassionate animal lover on this magical island. Their export was fun outrageous clothes and happy dancing music which was heard in all the homes, shops and battery charging stations. It was an ideal and beautiful lifestyle until the “mud slingers” arrived from the mainland. In a heroic move by Mayor Redfoo, refugees from the mud slide disaster city were allowed to stay at the Ridiculous Yoga Retreat until their homes were ready to move back into. This first book will show how the town of Ridiculous counter attacks “The Mud Slingers” attempt to change the community behavior and lifestyle.

This children’s book appealing to ages 2 and up will be interactive with games, maps pop up surprises and a blue tooth connection to play music as the pages turn.

Ridiculously written by Redfoo &Momfoo
(Stefan K.Gordy& Nancy Leiviska)
March 5, 2018

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